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Speech at the International Conference "Opening the archives of totalitarian secret services in Bulgaria. The memory of past in the name of the future " July 20th , 2006

                                      Ianko N. Iankov   
                                               Speech at the International Conference
                                               "Opening the archives of totalitarian
                                               secret services in Bulgaria. The memory of
                                               past in the name of the future "

                                               July 20th , 2006, Hall 6, National Palace of Culture, Sofia

            Ladies and gentlemen,


            First of all, I would like you not to be surprised, and mostly not to be angry with the words, that I will begin with.
            Although my experience of many years has clearly shown to me that, on forums dedicated to quite prosaic topics as the one of our present meeting, as a rule it is not pleasant and customary to use examples from the world's literary classics, yet I will start with such an example.
            As you know, at the end of the Second act of "Hamlet" Shakespeare introduced a scene in which a group of theatre actors, specialized in tragic performances, arrive at the King's Court to entertain the representatives of the highest authority, and the topic chosen for entertainment of the authorities, is the grief of Hecuba - the widow of the Trojan King Priam, which is mourning over the murder not only of her husband but also of her son.
            It seems to me that in the context of the literary and historical analogy, today we could ask ourselves: "Like the previous forums dedicated to this topic over the last 17 years, isn't our conference, too, ultimately only psychotherapy for some, an occasion for theatrical stage performances of the actors from the political arena and entertainment for the authority elite?"
            In the context of literary classics, I call your attention to the fact that Hamlet,  obsessed of inconsolable grief over his recently killed father, is very impressed, while watching the performance, not at all by the conduct of the criminal highest authorities, but exactly by the pretended grief of the actor entering into Hecuba's part and sobbing inconsolably on behalf of her; and he cries out:

From the tribune of this conference today I turn to the representatives of the criminal authority[1] and the actors entertaining them, declaring: "I am here to say again that I have never stopped and shall never stop insisting on prosecution of anyone, whose criminal activity is reflected in the records of the so-called archives of the government, and therefore to insist on absolutely full information access to any document in those archives."


            Undoubtedly, at least some of those present know that I am exactly the one who first questioned the need for full access to all records of the criminal communist government, that it had happened on the "Free Europe" radio only twenty days after my release from prison in late autumn of 1989, and that this position was then vigorously and passionately defended in my activities as a participant in the so-called "National Policy Roundtable" and as a deputy of the Grand National Assembly.
            Most of those present are certainly very well aware that, addressing the issue of irresponsibility for committed crimes, the functionaries of Bulgarian State Security Agency excellently knew and used the argument of Joseph Foucher that in a country, being in a state of instability, the ruling class can maintain its power by stamping as suspicious every true patriot, who can confront her, as declaring suspect a true patriot – it is a sentence that takes away from him/her the most valuable he/she owns - his/her praiseworthy past, trust and respect, without which he/she cannot be vested with authority by which to demand validly and concretely a penal prosecution of government because of their crimes committed.
            And since, long before that, it has been quite clear to the criminals from communist supreme authority that I shall be one of the few persistently motivated for demanding penal responsibility, they had taken care to set up that forged document, which subsequently became known as “the file of agent Kirilov".
            Here, in this hall, today there is at least one of those people who, by their signature as members of an official state Committee, in May, 2001, have made the commission of another corpus delicti of a relatively complex scheme of criminal activities of State Security Agency therein. It's about the fact that in the special Report, signed by the members of this Committee, publicity has been given to a forged document, cruelly offending me, without me, ever before that, being informed of its existence and without being given any opportunity to become acquainted with its content, and defend myself.
            Even more - despite the great number of my extremely active formal written protests for several years after this public insult to me, I had absolutely no chance to get any access to the fake document concerned.
            Thus, being placed in the grips of an almost complete inability for defence, I undertook a strategy, with which I gave exactly 19 (nineteen) notarized powers of attorney, by which I authorized prominent metropolitan journalists and experts to have unlimited access to all documentary arrays associated with my name. In my particular letter to the Chief Prosecutor and Minister of Interior (published in Volume 6, pp. 409-432 of my documentary book) I pointed out that the effect of that move of mine was astounding - all bearers of those powers of attorney turned out to be subject to extremely intense and even sinister pressure to quit their documentary interest demonstrated by them, as eventually, and after quite ominous mishaps, only one of the authorized persons succeeded in doing so, that the Minister of Interior was forced to give access to the so-called "agents file".


            Very shortly thereafter, on August 4th, 2003, the independent expert-criminalist, the specialist in graphology Dimitar Genadiev Kostov signed and made notarial attestation of his "Protocol No 56" according to the text of which: handwritten texts in both cases of the so-called "agent Kirilov" "are not written by the person Ianko Nikolov Iankov" and the signature of the so-called "Application" for undertaking agent’s functions "is not placed by the person Ianko Nikolov Iankov".
            Then, on August 20th, 2003, (registration No 3588) I submitted an application to the Chief Prosecutor, in which I asked "an investigation case to be initiated and prosecution to be made of all guilty persons committed the series of crimes" referred to in the top-secret archival cases specified by me.
            Both in that one in and other applications I have explicitly and clearly stated:
            that on pp. 9-18 of the case, filed in my name, No 24491 LDOR "The Stubborn" it has been explicitly and clearly stated that in reference to my discredit special production of fictitious identity documents had been assigned, as I specifically asked for divulging of the names of experts and investigating the individuals which had ordered the perpetration and engaged in that specified counterfeiting activities;
            that pp. 11-16 and pp. 188-193 of the same case contain explicitly formulated plans of events that must prove to people, I contacted with, that, on one hand, I am not quite normal, and, on the other hand - I am an associate to the militia (the State Security Agency);
            that on pp. 119-120 of the case, filed in my name, No 13304 (arch. No 33464) has been explicitly and clearly stated that for the implementation of the so-called "effective control over the subject" it had been assigned to the First Department at the Fourth (scientific-technological) Bureau of the State Security Agency to draw up  "handwritten texts, made by the subject", i.e. to draw up forged documents, as if they were written by me, which had been to be submitted both to Western journalists, and to all Bulgarian colleagues with whom I communicate;

            that on p. 76 of the case filed in my name No 21441 DOR "Dragon" has been explicitly and clearly stated that it had been assigned to the Second General Bureau of the State Security Agency in collaboration with the First Department at the Fourth (scientific-technological) Bureau of the State Security Agency to use my real letters and to make the so-called "combinations of texts" which, then, to be submitted to the Western embassies in order to discredit me before them.

            Thus, even after some vicissitudes on February 2nd, 2004, the military prosecutor V. Chavdarov issued a "Decree for initiation of preliminary proceedings", with which it has been directed for an investigation to be taken "against an unknown official from the Ministry of Interior" because he/she has committed "manipulations with documents" the result of which are harmful effects caused to the civil person Ianko Nikolov Iankov (see Appendix No 1).
            And finally, on May 9th, 2006, (i.e. just two months ago) the military prosecutor Capt. Edward Vladimirov has issued a "Decree for termination of the criminal proceedings" since ... "the criminal liability is extinguished due to expiry of the statutory limitation period" (see Appendix No 3).
            Aside from the mockery by the allegation for an "unknown perpetrator" and references to the "expired limitation period" (as in the case there is absolutely no such period), I should be satisfied by the formal recognition that in this case I am a victim of a criminal activity, but to those who would dare to ask this from me, I would like to wish them the same "happiness". Because, in fact, what was done to me is that, in a masterly adaptive way, only the form of criminal abuse and repression has been changed.

Moreover, I insist to explicitly and clearly emphasize that I believe my "special case" is not accidental at all.
            I call your attention to the fact definitely established by me that the only most strictly and precisly respected "legal" regulation in Bulgaria is the one issued on June 2nd, 1947, in Moscow - Top Secret Tutorial of KGB[2], in art. 41, which said: "Do not allow the rehabilitation of people convicted of political processes. However, if such is required, it may be permitted, provided, not to undertake any investigation and prosecution of the guilty people".
            This instruction of the KGB is strictly observed by the "justice" to all Bulgarian heads of state, parliaments and governments from its issue until today. A small detail is, of course, the fact that the Bulgarian branch of the KGB has long been transformed (or transmuted) in the Red Mafia, which has turned not only the country but also an extremely large part of the society into its low-hierarchical internal structure, as a result of which the President, the Parliament's Chairman and deputies, the Prime Minister and ministers, the Chief Prosecutor and all the participants in justice, the leaders of parties and other public organizations are not only part of the system of the mafia, but also have much lower hierarchical status than, for example, the heads of the structures in drug business or prostitution.
            A small detail is that the Bulgarian branch of the KGB once led us "to the East" to "the dawn of communism" and the Red Mafia is now legitimized as "a democratic partner" of Europe and that it is the one entrusted to lead us "to the West", to "the capitalism and democracy".
            A small detail is also the fact that the archives are closed precisely in order to ensure the existence of all this extraordinarily sinister and anti-human mechanism of functioning of the authorities.


            Still, the described case with the false agent's file in some terms may be regarded as "one of the most innocent cases".
            Today I brought here, to show you, some of my documentary books - these are six large-format bulky volumes of the book "Identity Card. Political Documentaries" and two other books - "Political Murders. First Book. Who Killed Volodya Nakov, Documentaries" and "Secret Services and the Scientists at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Sofia University. Political Documentaries, First Book".
            I explicitly emphasize that the most part of the contents of these books consists of a description of crimes, the truth about which is contained precisely in the archives of the government and about which there is still no justice, primarily because of the criminal misprision of this truth and the obstruction of justice by erecting the contents of these archives into state, national or private secret.
            Along with everything else, in these books two murders, committed by members of the State Security Agency, come into question – the murders of my brother Kamen Iankov and Volodya Nakov. From these books you will know that I have never stopped writing and demanding justice for these murders, and that, in response, I have always received various forms of mockery from the authorities.
            In two of the books you will read that after the 32-years old Volodya Nakov was murdered in prison, in September, 1985, a "top secret operational plan" had been immediately drawn up and entered into effect for several years, under which his 22-years old widow Edith had been subjected not only to extremely humiliating and inhumanly cruel blackmails and murder threats of her three children, but also forced to satisfy the sexual urges and fantasies of over 15 officers from the State Security Agency, as "the operation" had been implemented so that to be ceaseless - one of the officers goes out and another one from the list enters the flat, and in certain cases, so that several people to be with her at once, before the eyes of the children (in order to see with the cost of what their life is redeemed).
            And to those who today, including here, on this forum, plead for "reconciliation", "forgiveness" and "special and limited access to the archives" I propose to answer my question: "Were they going to sing the same tune if anything like that had happened to their family members?".


            In these books of mine you will read not only tragic, but a number of "funny" things too, about which, in fact, much more details are being contained exactly in the archives of the government.
            With reference to that, let me just mention, by the way, that, according to my calculations, still preliminary and very incomplete (since I had access to only about five percent of the documentation concerning me!):
            1) Only in reference to my unlawful conviction and staying in prison had been involved (and I had been actually an "employer" of) more than 200 (two hundred) agents, confidants and officers of the State Security Agency;
            2) Many of them received the highest remuneration for their activities  especially nowadays, after the so-called "political changes", as they became prominent businessmen, democratic generals, supreme court judges, constitutional court judges, ministers and deputy ministers (including the Ministers of Interior and of Justice), the Chief Prosecutor, prominent functionaries of the Parliament, distinguished diplomats;
            3) Even more - one woman became a judge in Strasbourg and another - a judge in The Hague.


            Thank you for your attention, ladies and gentlemen!

            Applications of documents (in Bulgarian language)

[1]           To avoid any misunderstandings, let me emphasize that in my submission, the changes in 1989-1991 have only transformed the classic communist regime into neo-communist (Mafia), by which the criminal nature of authority is left completely intact and only some of the methods and forms of its operation are changed, as well as the members of the elite attended by that authority.
[2]           Top Secret! KAA/08.113, Moscow, on 02/06/1947, Instruction NK/003 - 47, the text was published in the newspaper "Sensation" issue 2 of 1991.