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Address for letters:
Ianko Iankov
Block 4, ap. 38
1172 Sofia
12 October 2007
LPC-Euro-Just-01/ 13 November 2006;
LPC-Euro-Just-02/ 17 November 2006;
LPC-Euro-Just-03/ 12 January 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-04/ 22 January 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-05/ 01 February 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-06/ 28 March 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-07/ 10 April 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-08/ 09 May 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-09/ 19 May 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-10/ 21 May 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-11/ 30 May 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-12/ 31 May 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-13/ 02 June 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-14/ 11 June 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-15/ 16 June 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-16/ 25 June 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-17/ 01 July 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-18/ 06 July 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-19/ 07 July 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-20/ 11 July 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-21/ 21 July 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-22/ 27 July 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-23/ 30 July 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-24/ 22 August 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-25/ 14 September 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-26/ 16 September 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-27/ 21 September 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-28/ 24 September 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-29/ 26 September 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-30/ 02 October 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-31/ 07 October 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-32/ 10 October 2007;
LPC-Euro-Just-33/ 12 October 2007;
Crime in London and Sofia,
committed by the Bulgarian secret services
The Attorney General's Office
20 Victoria Street
London SW1H 0NF
United Kingdom
Serious Fraud Office
Elm House
10-16 Elm Street
London WC1X 0BJ
United Kingdom
United Kingdom Cabinet
10 Downing Street,
London, SW1A 2AA
United Kingdom
His Excellency
Mr. Hans-Gert Poettering -
President of the European Parliament
Rue Wiertz
B-1047 Brussels
His Excellency
Mr. Jose Manuel Barroso -
President of the European Commission
Secretariat General of the European Commission,
Unit SG/B/4
rue de la Loi 200,
B- 1049 Brussels
His Excellency
Mr. Franco Frattini -
Vice President & Commissioner
of Justice, Freedom and Security
European Commission
B-1049 Brussels
His Excellency
Mr. Olli Rehn -
Commissioner of Enlargement
European Commission
B-1049 Brussels
His Excellency
Mr. P. Nikiforos Diamandouros -
1 Avenue du President Robert Schuman
B.P. 403
F – 67001 Strasbourg Cedex
Amnesty International
International Helsinki Federation
for Human Rights (IHF)
E-mail: hrwdc@hrw.org
E-mail: hrwuk@hrw.org
E-mail: hrwbe@hrw.org
Secretary General
of the Council of Europe
To Their Excellencies the Ambassadors,
accredited in Sofia from:
1) United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland;
2) Kingdom of Belgium;
3) Federal Republic of Germany;
4) French Republic;
5) Kingdom of Netherlands;
6) The European Commission Delegation to Bulgaria;
E-mail: cip@eubcc.bg
7) United States of America;
8) Swiss Confederation.
E-mail: Sofia@sdc.net
Your Excellencies,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
My name is Ianko Nikolov Iankov. Detailed information about me is available in English, French, German and Bulgarian on the following Internet addresses:
From 1975 till now me and all my family members have been objects of more than one hundred acts of crime attempted to our lives, committed by functionaries of communist and post-communist state authority; all that without any chance for law court justice.
Here and now I am bringing to your attention only one group of crimes committed in London and Sofia.
On August 27th, 1999 I landed at London and immediately asked for political asylum which resulted in administrative case Port Reference TN2/110797, HM Immigration Office, Terminal 2, Heathrow Airport, London. On September 15th, 1999 a separate apartment was placed at my disposal.
On June 1st, 2000 during my morning jogging in Finnsburry Park completely unknown person with Bulgarian origin threatened me that if I continue to stay in England and not going back to Bulgaria, my family members shall be killed or kidnapped and sold to brothels all over the world; after that the stranger told me, explicitly despite what happen with us, the British authorities will not defend any one of us.
On June 2nd, 2000 I wrote a request for help to the official British authorities; on June 3rd, 2000 I asked for help the ambassadors of Great Britain, USA, France, and Germany. Meanwhile the British Embassy (through an official letter) refused to issue visas to my wife and my children, far into the night of June 7th, 2000 I landed at Sofia Airport.
Later, through friends of mine with high positions in executive and prosecutor-court of law systems, I was successful to collect exclusively correct information proving that in connection with my stay in London me, as well as all my close relatives, have been object of top secret action of Bulgarian secret services.
Almost all complete information, as well as the facts and evidences about this case I wrote and pointed in my official letters to the Attorney General of Bulgaria, as well as in voluminous text of 115 (One hundred fifteen) pages, addressed to the State Secretary of the Interior of Great Britain, Mr. John Reed, within three recommended letters.
Regretfully till now I have not received absolutely any answer from both addressee of my letters.
It is of utmost clarity that the Bulgarian Attorney General is not answering because he is a representative and defender of the criminal Bulgarian clan of the Russian Red Mafia, but it is not clear enough for me why the British Secretary of the Interior forgot to give an answer.
By specifying that the details are described in my official requests for investigation of the crimes completed in Bulgaria and in the Great Britain, I shall be very concise by showing only the essence of the case.
1) On the occasion of my request for political asylum Amnesty International assigned a task to a team of the French TV Station “ARTE” to complete filming for creation of a documentary film concerning my case; later the film has been broadcasted on December 15th, 2000; at the moment being the film is accessible at the following Internet addresses: http://youtube.com/watch?v=BlZXESNc_cM,
2) In this connection the Bulgarian Minister of the Interior has written three official reports to the Prime Minister and to the President of Bulgaria, whereupon a special operational group of the spy department (at the President) and the National State Security (at the Prime Minister) servants has been completed.
3) First operational action completed has been the so called “psychological operation”, addressed towards the British services as well as to the French television team. For that purpose the Bulgarian secret services sent to London the farcical semi-literate member of the Bulgarian Parliament Assen Hristov, who asked for political asylum, too, and later unexpectedly and without any motifs went back to Bulgaria.
4) Soon after December 15th, 1999, when the French television broadcasted the documentary film for me, the Bulgarian secret services have adopted new strategy with the following main elements:
a) Sending a fellow in London in order to tell me that after my refusal to come back to Bulgaria my mother and my son will be assassinated; my two minor daughters, my dead brother’s minor daughter and my wife will be kidnapped and sold to world’s brothels;
b) If nevertheless I decide to stay in London, the kidnapping of my children and my wife shall be completed by three criminals using uninhabited house in deserted village near the Yugoslavian border; where the criminals shall torture the kidnapped and kill at least one of them at the eyes of the rest;
c) Several days after the kidnapping the Bulgarian Minister of the Interior shall declare that upon a successful intelligence work the location of the kidnapped has been discovered, the fighting criminals have been eliminated, and the survivors have been released;
d) At the end the Bulgarian media shall expose the information, that “Ianko Iankov has been warned about the kidnapping, but he has preferred to stay in London”.
Up to me there is an extremely curious circumstance in the above case; there are presented facts giving much larger as well as sinister interpretation; the same facts are in detail described in two of my official requests for inquiry, submitted to the aforesaid diplomatic representatives of the West and to the Secretary of the Interior of Great Britain.
I mean that in order to contact me for collecting “authentic and original information” in London have been sent two dummies with no one of them I ever had personal contact; but I knew for their existence due to during 1990-1994 one of them was an official expert in the President Jelyo Jelev’s team and official expert of the political coalition Union of Democratic Forces, and the other – journalist from the newspaper ‘Democracia”. Their affiliation to the Bulgarian communist secret services was un open secret for the leaders of the Coalition Union of Democratic Forces; I myself as a leader of a political party – member of the aforesaid coalition, I knew that fact.
But the most strange was that, when during February-April 2000 both of them were seeking a meeting with me in London, the first one already have had a job within the German secret services (where he lived with his family), and the spouse of the other (with their son) quite a while ago have been living in Great Britain due to a contract with the British Army, for which she have had analyzed the highest layers of the air space; her house’s telephone number has been 0197-062-67-58.
But the tip of the top of the nosy information is that from the content of an official interview of general Bogomil Bonev (Minister of the Interior of Bulgaria just during my stay in London), published by the media is quite clear that at the same time the British Premier as well as the Bulgarian one were asking from each other to do things prohibited by law in both states. In the context of all above I came to the completely quite normal conclusion that mine and of my family rights and interests have been sacrificed to the most despicable wet bargain.
Your Exellencies,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
As a legitimate citizen of the European Union I insist at all of you to exercise your influence for the following:
1) To motivate the aforesaid Bulgarian representatives and functionaries of the state authority to take into consideration my official requests before them and to undertake a legitimate inquiry of the acts of crime committed against me and my family members;
2) To motivate the aforesaid British representatives and functionaries of the state authority to consider the facts within the described case and to answer me strictly and comprehensively.
October 12th, 2007 Ianko N. Iankov

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